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Why I Started PrayerMat.com

The PrayerMat.com Story

Asalamalaikum and welcome to prayermat.com. I’m Shabeena, the founder of prayermat.com and it’s my mission to help Muslims around the world find the Prayer Mat that is right just for them.

As Muslims, we pray 5 times daily, as such, a lot of time is spent on our prayer mats, whether that is in Salah, making Dua or just contemplating. Some of you may know that I sell Children’s Islamic Toys and other Islamic products on my website littlemuslimbooks.co.uk. We also sell prayer mats and in doing so I realised that there is demand for prayer mats that fit an individual’s needs.

In setting up a business selling prayermats, I also wanted to attain barakah and help Muslims around the world. Salah is so important as it allows us to build a relationship and connect with Allah. We can ask for forgiveness and guidance and take time to reflect. It also benefits our mental health and let’s us escape the daily ‘grind’.

My mission is to provide prayer mats that individuals love and that enhance their experience of Salah.

So before I begin on this endeavor, a short Dua.

Allah, we ask you to bless this business, that it may benefit your people and bring them closer to you. We ask you to help us be diligent in our work, and to make prayer a central part of our lives.



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